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Cheers to New Beginnings


We have written to you for bringing to your notice and announcing that our firm, with the name of “Bunsoco Ltd” trading as Bamboezor London is being transferred to the new owner Mrs. Maria Phillips. The store was co-owned earlier by sisters Mrs. Maria Paraguas and Mrs. Maria Phillips, managing heads of Bunsoco Ltd trading as Bamboezor London. The change in ownership would be valid from
1 February 2022.
We intend to notify you, through this blog, that there is no modification of the management and policies of the store. We ensure you that we are going to sustain the reputation and standing that we have managed to build for over 3 years, by assuring you that the supreme quality of products and top-notch services will remain the same. We had to take the step of changing the ownership of the firm to ensure we can continue to bring you your loved products. The sole-owner, Mrs Phillips, would handle the store with her sheer dedication and experience in the industry.
You have always been our valued client and have trusted us from the very beginning and also in all the odds, for which we are very thankful to you — expecting to seek the same shortly.
Thanking you!
Yours truly
Maria - Bamboezor London

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