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Eco-conscious Parenting

Being a parent forced me to things I would have never considered before.  More to think about for our children’s health, safety and future than my own.


Eco-friendly alternatives have always been a good part of me and now my baby’s life too. I understand that we can’t physically look after everything on the planet, however, we can make sure we invest into eco-friendly products that we can use every day. In turn this can have a huge impact on the planet long term!  Eco-friendly products are not just beneficial for the environment, but also for our health.  Using sustainable materials with less chemicals which is good for you baby’s skin, and can be reused 100 more times. Definitely sounds like a no brainer.   


Are you on this sustainable journey? Or maybe wanting to start somewhere? I know it can be a minefield with all that’s out there. Maybe start with our made from sustainable bamboo ultra soft towels that are naturally antibacterial excellent for newborns.  You can check out our Bamboo Hooded Towel and Bamboo Washcloth  which have been included in MyBump2Baby’s Best Eco-Friendly Baby and Toddler Products/Brands 2021.  


It is true what they say that being eco-conscious is a lifestyle but please remember a small change makes a big difference. You are doing great!


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